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AI Act - The Parliament has had its say and final negotiations between co-legislators will start now

Today, the European Parliament has adopted its position on the AI Act. In plenary session, MEPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of entering into interinstitutional negotiations (“trilogues”) on the basis of a compromise text which the main committees of the Parliament adopted in May. This will now be the basis for the Parliament’s position in trilogues negotiations which will start tonight. The Parliament will negotiate inter alia for

  • A full ban on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for biometric surveillance, emotion recognition, predictive policing;
  • Generative AI systems to be required to disclose that content was AI-generated; and
  • AI systems that are used to influence voters in elections to be considered as high-risk.

Further hot topics in trilogues will be ‘definition of AI’, ‘full list of prohibited practices’, ‘high-risk practices and extra-layer for qualification’ and comprehensive rules around ‘General Purpose AI, Generative AI, Foundation Models’. You can find an overview of the Parliament’s full position covering these topics in our blogpost: EU AI Act moves towards the final stages – Major take-aways from Parliament’s vote, Theresa Ehlen, Lutz Riede, Christoph Werkmeister, Satya Staes Polet, Julia Utzerath, Eugene McQuaid, Victor Garcia Lopez (


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