2022 appears set to provide no let up with regards to antitrust enforcement and new rules for digital and innovation-heavy businesses.

Cross-disciplinary mission creep is becoming more pronounced as governments and antitrust authorities are seemingly determined to go further than the current tools provide for, including extensive privacy enhancing legislation such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

Whether the EU’s proposed Digital Markets Act, UK’s Digital Markets Unit, proposals in the US or the new Transparency Act in Japan, the challenge for businesses, including those fully integrated in the digital space and those seeking to further digitalise or innovate in the years ahead, is to keep abreast of the relevant changes and understand the key areas of expansion, convergence and divergence.

Today we published our 12th edition of 10 key themes in global antitrust, which explores a number of developments that will affect digital and innovation-heavy businesses planning deals and managing antitrust risk in 2022, including:

  • The burden of navigating the multiplicity and complexity of the various proposals for new rules in the digital space currently on the table in several jurisdictions around the world;
  • The interrelation between these new digital rules, data privacy legislation, current antitrust enforcement and proposals for enhanced antitrust and consumer protection enforcement powers (such as those in the US and UK);
  • The degree of convergence and divergence between the developing regimes and reform proposals in Europe, the US and APAC; and
  • The need for businesses to adopt a joined-up compliance and regulatory engagement strategy globally.

Throughout the year, we will hold a number of events to discuss the implications of these and other developments. If you are interested in joining our discussions or hearing more from our global experts on these topics, do get in touch.