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Here’s what’s happening in Russia in relation to contact tracing.

Moscow's patient-tracking app

An app aiming to track patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and who have chosen to undergo treatment at home has been implemented in Moscow. Individuals are provided with a smartphone with the app, or download the app to their personal device, and are then tracked by Moscow authorities should they breach the isolation regime. The app uses GPS.

Digital travel permits

Some regions (including Moscow) have introduced digital travel permits designed to decrease the overall number of people outside. This system automatically monitors whether individuals have obtained proper travel permits (driving and travel by public transport without a permit is not allowed). The system involves road cameras that are usually used to control speed and public transport digital pass monitoring systems.

Federal tracing system

There is a tracing system implemented at federal level that helps to monitor the contact of COVID-19-positive patients with other people by collecting the location data of COVID-19-positive patients and notifying those who have been in contact with such patients of the necessity to self-isolate. The same information is sent to regional emergency response centres. This system is implemented through mobile network operators and their GPS systems.

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