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Tracing the spread of contact tracing apps: a global view

To fight the spread of COVID-19, both governments and private enterprise are scrambling to roll out contact tracing mechanisms. Last week, we explained how these apps work—or at least the broad contours of how they work. Now, it’s time to delve further into the details.

Over the coming weeks, our experts across the globe will explain what companies need to know. In our first round of posts, we’ll explain what’s happening with contact tracing in major jurisdictions. In our second round, we’ll explore legal considerations for companies that want to use contact tracing to deal with COVID risk amongst their employees, customers, and visitors. And in our third round, we’ll consider whether businesses’ use of contact tracing apps may someday become obligatory—and whether we’ve reached that point already. Of course, if any other topics arise along the way, we’ll raise those as well.

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With thanks in advance to our many co-authors: Takeshi Nakao, Richard Bird, Jérôme Philippe, Tim Harkness, Olga Chislova, Satya Staes PoletGilbert ChengElaine Pajeot, Mark Egeler, Hiske Roos, Joseph Mason, Bruno Aguirre, Geraldine Jaffres, Junko Ohara, Wings TurkingtonGernot FritzBoris Klimpfinger, and Annabelle Hamelin


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