It’s a busy few days of conference attendance for those of us in Freshfields’ technology teams.

Two weeks ago we attended the WIREDSmarter with a team of Freshfields colleagues and Lisa has posted a summary of their experience here.

Wednesday was the third edition of the LegalGeek conference and the third time Freshfields has been headline sponsor. From humble beginnings LegalGeek has emerged as the foremost showcase of legaltech and we’ve been proud to partner  LegalGeek since the early days.

Wednesday’s conference was the biggest yet, with over 2000 attendees descending on east London. Freshfields showed off our most impressive kiosk to date, from where we hosted a number of talks on the development of our own legaltech. Those talks were dubbed ‘Freshfields LIVE’.

From Freshfields LIVE we move onto Freshfields Las Vegas as we send a team to the US edition of Money 2020, the biggest finance and fintech trade show there is.

I’m looking forward to seeing the latest round of innovation in fintech. Money 2020 really does have it all, from genuine disrupters to the downright zany, and the industry’s biggest institutions mixed-in for good measure.

We’ll be posting daily updates so make sure you check back to Freshfields Digital over the coming days!