Yesterday, on 29 November 2017, the Comission has released a number of communications, documents and proposed measures for "a more efficient and predictable judicial enforcement regime in the EU", addressing counterfeiting and piracy and providing guidance for the application of the IPRED.

The Commission also proposes a" fair and balanced system for Standard Essential Patents".

According to the Commission, IPR-intensive sectors now account for around 42% of EU GDP (worth some EUR 5.7 trillion annually), generate 38% of all jobs, and contribute to as much as 90% of EU exports. Taking into account the increasing economic importance of IPRs, the Commission seeks to support European companies in promoting investment in innovation and growth.

More info, fact sheets and FAQs on the Commission's 'Intellectual Property Package' can be found here.

Following today's communication, the Commission will work with stakeholders, where relevant, on the implementation of the actions proposed and gather further information on open questions. The Commission says it also will create an expert group to gather further expertise on issues such as licensing practises, sound IP valuation and FRAND determination. In addition, the Commission will launch a pilot project on the evaluation of the essentiality of SEPs.