There's been a bit of a flurry in relation to Fintech and regulation over the past few days.

We've had the Vice President of the European Commission give a keynote speech at the first annual Fintech and Innovation Conference, where he said that he is personally committed to finding the right balance in the Commission's approach to regulation (i.e., not overregulating) and focussed on removing barriers to market entry and keeping legislation proportionate.  

We've got an own-initiative report on ‘FinTech: influence of technology on the future of the financial sector' commissioned by a member of the European Parliament (released a couple of days ago but dated 27 January 2017) which considers defining an EU framework for Fintech, data, cyber security and ICT risks, interoperability, consumer and investor protection and skills.  

We've also seen a CPMI paper on distributed ledger technology (or blockchain) in payment, clearing and settlement, which provides an analytical framework for central banks and other authorities to review and analyse the use of this technology for payment, clearing and settlement.  

Lots to read!