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Blockchain 2.0?

Like many technologies in the early stages of development, blockchain seems to offer all things to all people. Take for example the various stakeholders in the securities settlement space: 

  • investors want more oversight and control over their securities (but shouldn't see those of other investors) 
  • issuers want to see the end investors (but shouldn't exercise control)
  • banks need access to their clients' information (but not the information of other participants)
  • regulator A wants a complete overview of the information in jurisdiction A (but shouldn't have the same view over jurisdiction B, and shouldn't exercise control over the securities)

Add to this the fact that each stakeholder wants to access information / exercise control in real-time, and designing a 'one size fits all' solution seems impossible. So it will be interesting to see what the market makes of RISE, which touts itself as the 'second generation of blockchain'.

The core attributes of RISE’s technology are de-centralised ledger qualities and permissioned transparency, which gives access to different types of information depending on who you are. The firm has put a lot of thought into what is needed for successful deployment in terms of how to embrace industry standards, align with current regulation, and how to handle the governance of the network in future


capital markets, settlement, cryptocurrency, intellectual property, employment